Abbey Freund

Donor Relations Manager

Abbey is a native Atlantan with a fierce pride in the city and a heart for human services work. After graduating from Emory University, she spent several years working in Atlanta’s non-profit space in several different capacities, from health and human services to most recently working with the Atlanta Community Food Bank’s development team to pursue the goal of ending hunger in Georgia. Abbey sees her work with Giving Kitchen as a continuation of these aims and is eager to give back to a population she respects and loves.

Like many at Giving Kitchen, Abbey has worked in restaurants in various capacities and has the difficulties facing restaurant workers seen up close and personal, particularly surrounding an unanticipated medical emergency. She is excited to merge her practical non-profit and data analytics skills with her love for food and beverage and those who work with them.

In her time away from GK, Abbey enjoys updating her personal ranking of the best fried chicken in Atlanta, hunting down her new favorite gin-based cocktail and generally reveling in all that the Atlanta culinary scene has to offer. When not engaging in culinary endeavors, Abbey enjoys hot yoga, reading a great book on her porch swing and generally stubbornly turning the rather unwalkable Atlanta cityscape into a walking city.

For inquiries related to donor relationships, please get in touch with Abbey at

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