Amanda Newsom

Senior Communications + PR Manager

Amanda is a Georgia native who moved to Atlanta after living in Athens since 2003. She earned her bachelor degrees in journalism and anthropology and her masters in nonprofit management from the University of Georgia. After working with animal welfare and wildlife conservation nonprofits, Giving Kitchen was a natural shift in Amanda’s career path, and she’s grateful for the opportunity to work for an organization that does such amazing work for food service workers.

Though she has never worked in restaurants, Amanda feels a part of the service industry world through her husband who has worked in restaurants for the last decade. She’s helped him at outreach events and special events, and they host Vinetta pop-ups and supper clubs in Atlanta. Amanda has seen firsthand how working in the service industry impacts food service workers’ home and social lives, as well as the need for the services offered by GK.

When she’s not working, Amanda most loves traveling, eating at new (and at her favorite) restaurants and getting outside for a day hike with her pups.

For inquiries related to communications or public relations, please get in touch with Amanda at

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