We’re in this together! Help spread the word about what GK does so more food service workers know they can turn to us when they face a crisis.


Educating your staff is the best way for us to continually make sure that food service workers are aware of our services.

Be a champion for yourself and your team - download Giving Kitchen’s app on iPhone or Android for the ability to help yourself or someone you know if a crisis happens. You’ll also be able to see events hosted by and for GK, to search a comprehensive list of Stability Network resources by category and location, to sign up for Pass the Hat and more!

Want us to mail you an education packet? Let us know! You can also download and print our posters, cards and talking points to help spread the word.


Learn more

Most of what you or your team needs to know about Giving Kitchen is right here on our website, including our online application.

The short story is: if you are a food service worker experiencing hardship due to an unexpected illness, injury, death or disaster, Giving Kitchen is here for you. You may qualify for a direct grant to cover living expenses during your time of need. You may also qualify for a matching grant to match funds raised by your food service friends. Last, you may benefit from our Stability Network resources to assist you with related services.