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Edwin Merrick

Board Member

Edwin Merrick is an attorney specializing in corporate governance and domestic mergers and acquisitions, transactions and divestitures on behalf of both private equity and strategic clients in a wide variety of industries, and since 2009, in Atlanta, GA.

Giving Kitchen is, and has always been, incredibly near and dear to Edwin. His involvement with Giving Kitchen really began prior to its creation during a conversation with Ryan and Jen Hidinger on the very night that Ryan underwent the battery of tests that would lead to his stage-IV cancer diagnosis. As many were, Edwin was both in attendance and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support shown at the inaugural Team Hidi - an outpouring that would eventually lead to the founding of Giving Kitchen. Giving Kitchen board service provides Edwin the opportunity to not only honor his friend's memory, but to meaningfully give back to the Georgia food service community in their times of crisis - the same community that brings so much joy to him and his family… who eat out A LOT! 

After eating out, Edwin splits his spare time between golf, coaching youth sports and carpool duty.

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