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TEAM HIDI 6 - Sold Out


Team Hidi 6
January 28
Tastemaker 4PM
Attire: Casual

Giving Kitchen Story

Team Hidi came about when Atlanta Chef Ryan Hidinger was diagnosed with late-stage cancer in December of 2012. It was Ryan’s journey--the groundswell of support by his industry--that ignited the formation of the Giving Kitchen. Hidi’s legacy lives through the Giving Kitchen and our mission as a nonprofit to provide emergency assistance to restaurant workers through financial support and a network of community resources.

The Giving Kitchen has grown into a pioneering organization that supports an entire industry. Since its inception, the Giving Kitchen has provided $1.5 million in crisis grants to those in need of emergency assistance. As we look ahead in 2018, we anticipate our need being greater than ever. We rely on Team Hidi patrons and auction bidders to fund almost one-half of our grant programs for the year.

For a full list of Team Hidi sponsors, restaurants and partners, please visit our official Team Hidi page.