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I love GK! What can I do to help?

We can’t accomplish our goals and fulfill our mission without help from people like you! There are several ways to help GK, including making a donation or participating in Multiply Joy, becoming a volunteer, supporting our signature events or third party events, and/or educating your peers about the work that we do. Thank you for caring about GK and about restaurant workers!

I lost my restaurant job, can you help me?

While loss of employment does not meet our grant criteria for financial assistance, we do have GK Food Service Workers Facebook groups (listed below by region of Georgia) that is within our Stability Network program where food service workers can post service industry job openings, ask questions and discuss industry topics.

Who is eligible for financial assistance?

Our Crisis Grants currently serve food service workers living in Georgia. Grants are awarded based on the food service worker's financial need as well as a set of criteria according to the type of crisis. For more information about who we serve, please check out our Crisis Grants page.

GK covers medical bills, right?

GK does not cover medical costs or insurance. Our Crisis Grants are meant to keep a roof over the heads of food service workers in the event of an unanticipated crisis, whether it be illness, injury, death in the family or natural disaster. If a grant applicant qualifies, our Direct Grants can help cover bills like rent or mortgage, power or gas as well as funeral-related expenses, depending in the crisis at hand. If you need help paying medical bills or insurance, we may be able to refer you to one of our Stability Network resources.

How do I start A GRANT application?

Any food service worker who is in need of help through our Crisis Grants or Stability Network should start by completing the Assistance Inquiry Form. Once you've submitted your form, our programs team will be in touch to guide you to the next step that fits your individual circumstances.

What's the difference between a Direct Grant and a Matching Grant?

We have two types of grants within our Crisis Grants program: Direct Grants and Matching Grants. Direct Grants are completed by a qualified applicant to request financial assistance for bills such as rent or mortgage, power, gas, water or funeral expenses. If the application is approved, those are paid directly to the service provider(s) - funeral expenses are sometimes an exception to this rule and are paid directly to the recipient as reimbursement if approved. Matching Grants are paid directly to a qualified recipient. We will match funds raised by coworkers up to $2,500 to assist the worker for approved applicants. Please note that Matching Grant applications must be submitted by TWO sponsors (restaurant managers or owners) for a recipient.

How long will it take to know if I will receive a grant?

The grant review process typically takes three weeks from start to finish. Once you submit the Assistance Inquiry Form, we'll send you our Qualifications Survey and then refer you to either our grant application or to a SafetyNet resource. Once your full application is completed, we'll verify your employment and review your application. Once your employment is verified, your application will be reviewed by the Friday of the following week. From there, you will either receive a grant award package or your grant will be denied. Please refer to our Crisis Grants page for more details.

Why can’t I get a grant outside of the criteria?

Our goal is to remove as many barriers as possible to receiving emergency assistance, while maintaining the integrity of our programs, protecting the mission of our organization and remaining transparent about our grant review process. However, we recognize the need beyond our Crisis Grants, and our answer is the Stability Network program. If you have more questions about our grant criteria, please contact Leah Melnick at leah@thegivingkitchen.org or 404-254-1227.

When will you be serving my area?

Since its inception, GK has expanded its services from the Metro Atlanta area to now serve the full state of Georgia. Our goal is to continue expanding our services beyond Georgia over the next five years. We're going to need your help to do that, but for now, if you live outside of our service area you can sign up here to receive updates about our expansion into your area once we get there.

How CAN my company/organization become a part of STABILITY NETWORK?

We are constantly growing our referral resources and welcome the conversation to add you to our Stability Network 101 list. Please complete our Stability Netowkr Partner Form to get started.

Where does your funding come from?

GK funding comes from private donations, our signature events and third-party events, cause marketing, Multiply Joy, Five-star Restaurants and our incredible sponsors. Check out our support page and our transparency page for more detailed info about our funding channels.

How can I get a job there?

GK is currently fully staffed, but we'll let you know if and when we're hiring! If you want to help out our staff now, please consider joining us as a volunteer.

Can you get me a reservation at Staplehouse?

Staplehouse releases its reservations online only on the second Friday of every month at 12pm for the next calendar month. For more info about Staplehouse reservations, click here.