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Katie Bishop

Board Member

Katie was born and raised in Columbus, GA and received a B.A. in public relations from the University of Alabama in 2012. Upon graduation, Katie lived in Atlanta for almost two years, working in a small marketing start-up in Sandy Springs. When things started to change in her hometown of Columbus, she saw an opportunity to come home and make a difference. In 2013, she moved home to help launch the Columbus, Georgia Whitewater project and manage their marketing. As she settled into this position, she began to realize she could make a bigger impact in Columbus by owning her own business. In order to do so, she quit her job and began waiting tables while building a public relations business with her now business partner, Stephanie Woodham. In the fall of 2015, Yalla Public Relations was launched in Columbus.

Katie first read about Giving Kitchen in Bon Appetit and started to think of ideas as to how we could have something like it in Columbus. Fast forward as Yalla was in the process of planning Columbus’ first Restaurant Week and looking for a beneficiary, and of course we brought up Giving Kitchen. Unfortunately, at that time GK was not serving our area. But as fate may have it, Bryan Schroeder was incoming Executive Director. Bryan not only has a tie to Columbus, but Katie and Bryan had worked on many projects together in the past. From there, the relationship started to grow, and as of January 2018, Columbus is happily part of the Giving Kitchen family. Katie is honored and excited to transition into serving on GK’s board, and she looks forward to help Giving Kitchen continue its impact on the food industry.

Katie and her partner, Joseph Berger, have been in a happy relationship for going on six years. She was a happy dog owner for 10 years to Boss Man, a retriever mix, until August, losing him to cancer. She is in the search for a new puppy companion. In her spare time, you can find her and Joseph hosting their friends and family to taco night.

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