Kristie Azaroff

Development Manager

Kristie Azaroff was elated to join the Giving Kitchen team as Development Manager. She started collecting her extensive restaurant experience as a 19-year-old college student working at a Chili’s. As the Development Manager, Kristie’s primary role is to increase the current level of giving from existing donors and to secure support from new donors. She assists in the development of goals and strategies for all fundraising campaigns, and arranges meetings with donors and prospective donors to create and foster relationships.

Kristie has naturally gravitated towards the restaurant industry, as it is in her blood. Originally from the Northeast, her family owned a large chain of high-volume, moderately-priced New York restaurants, candy stores and ice cream parlors originating in Boston. Schrafft’s restaurants were among the first to allow unescorted women to dine alone on a routine basis and ensured that female employees on maternity leave had a place to come back to work. This legacy is something that Kristie is very proud of.

While in school, Kristie developed a passion for helping people which led to her receiving a degree in international politics. After graduation, she spent the next three years volunteering for a nonprofit organization that fought human trafficking and slavery. She soon realized she was hooked on helping those in need.

Kristie knows that the world can’t be saved, but it can be changed, and she wants to be a part of that in any way she can. To make a difference in just one person’s life means everything to her.

Continuing her first love of working in the restaurant industry, Kristie was working at popular Atlanta restaurant Local Three and became aware of GK. She completely drank the Kool-Aid and was hooked yet again to a mission she is truly passionate about.

In her spare time, Kristie can be seen around town dining at new restaurants, working weekends at Local Three, and hanging out with her fur baby, Abel.

For donation inquiries and donor services, you can reach Kristie at or 404-334-0393.

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