Matching Grants

GK matches funds raised by a food service employer on behalf of a teammate in crisis.


Matching grants provide an opportunity for Giving Kitchen to work directly with an applicant’s coworkers or other members of the food service industry to raise money to help that food service worker. GK matches all funds raised on behalf of an applicant up to $2,500.

Matching grants may be used to fund expenses that fall outside of the qualifications established for a Crisis Grant (i.e., non-essential living expenses, transportation needs, etc.).

If you are interested in applying for a matching grant, please email our programs team at or call 404-254-1227.

The following lists of financial and crisis incident-related documentation will help you complete your application. Please do not start organizing your application information until after you’ve contacted our programs team.

Crisis documentation:

  • Illness: medical verification (such as a signed doctor's note), including diagnosis and expected time missed from work

  • Injury: accident or injury report if possible (example: police report from car crash)

  • Funeral: verification of funeral service (for example: funeral program)

  • Disaster: incident report from emergency service agency, such as fire department

Financial documentation:

  • Narrative explanation of request for financial support

  • Documentation of funds raised