The intent of The Giving Kitchen is to be the beyond-expectation resource at times of unanticipated crisis for anyone employed in the Atlanta restaurant community.

Peace of mind that we are a stronger, beloved community is the outcome we hope to create.

“The unimaginable is
indistinguishable from magic.”

– Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law


The Giving Kitchen was formed as a 501(c)(3) to fill the need for a crisis grant program in the restaurant community — as a way to do for others what the community came together to do for Ryan and Jen Hidinger.

The organization provides emergency assistance grants to cover basic living expenses, care-related travel expenses, and funeral expenses for those who meet defined criteria.


To help ensure its own sustainability, The Giving Kitchen has a unique hybrid structure as a nonprofit with a for-profit subsidiary. The for-profit subsidiary is Staplehouse — a casual fine- dining restaurant located in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. 100% of Staplehouse’s net profits will be channeled back to its nonprofit parent, as an ongoing stream of support.


What this means is that The Giving Kitchen has four strong sources of support:

+ Restaurants and their employees + Extended restaurant industry
+ Restaurant patrons
+ Staplehouse, a high-profile restaurant owned as a subsidiary

The Giving Kitchen provides emergency assistance grants to Atlanta’s restaurant community facing unanticipated hardship.

Guided by visible values

In our role, The Giving Kitchen acts as an intermediary between the community and those faced with an unanticipated crisis. Good stewardship relies not only on needs criteria and defined granting processes, but also on strong, visible values.

Four such values help ensure we create the peace of mind we strive for.

Belief in recognizing and responding to others’ unanticipated hardships.

Belief that community may be defined by geographic boundaries but is built through caring and connection.

Belief in extending kindness to others beyond expectation.

Belief in stewardship and governance that honors the responsibility we accept.

I can’t say I remember or was cognitively aware when TGK donated money to my “fund,” but I am extremely aware of all the financial adversities I did not had to deal with, simply because of good-hearted people like Jen and Ryan Hidinger. The Giving Kitchen was designed to help people like me.

Angela Riley, LEON’S Fullservice | 2013 Direct Grant Recipient