Mitzi Lewis

Grant Case Manager/Fairy Godmother

Mitzi is proud to join the Giving Kitchen staff as Grant Case Manager and team Fairy Godmother. Mitzi was first introduced to the Giving Kitchen, when she received a newsletter from Bacchanalia sharing information about the first Team Hidi event.

Excited to learn more Mitzi started volunteering a few times a week helping process grant applications. Her dedication and desire for helping others led to her being promoted to part-time grant case manager. On a daily basis Mitzi helps restaurant workers that apply for GK crisis assistance with the application process from start to finish. She also helps manage volunteers and community fundraising events.

Throughout her lifetime Mitzi has always had a passion for helping people. When Mitzi is not working at GK she is helping those that are sick in the community. Mitzi is a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner at a local Atlanta hospital.

Outside of work, you can usually find Mitzi spending time with her friends and family. Mitzi lives in Marietta with her three cats and loves baking goods for everyone to taste. Lastly, she is our resident Fairy Godmother. You can find Mitzi spreading her magical powers and bringing unexpected good vibes to the GK staff usually through cooking delicious staff treats or hugs.

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