Have a second Helping

Sometime a Beer Is More than Just a Beer... It's Hope.


Drinking a great beer for a good cause is the perfect way to start the new year. As we celebrate the sixth release of SweetWater Second Helping, we think back on how it all started - with Ryan Hidinger meeting with SweetWater Brewing Company to dream up this unique IPA brewed with juniper berries, all the while with food service workers in mind. When 100 percent of the proceeds benefit Giving Kitchen, never question having a Second Helping.

We’ve raised nearly $250,000 during Second Helping’s first five years, with over $54,000 raised just in 2017 to help pay for light bills and water bills and rent with the support of SweetWater and United Distributors, who we are so thankful to have as dedicated partners in this effervescent annual venture. And we’re thrilled to add Crosby Hop Farm to that list this year to be able to do even more for restaurant workers in crisis as we expand into new cities in Georgia this year, as they generously donated the hops for the Second Helping brew.



This Thanksgiving, Second Helping will be available in kegs and 16-ounce cans in retail stores, plus select restaurants and bars. Keep an eye out for Second Helping at independent package stores and Metro Atlanta Kroger and Publix. Second Helping will also available on draft and in cans at the SweetWater Brewing Company tap room.

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