Since sponsors and partners have donned their capes, coming to the rescue for over 3,000 people... You may call them donors - we call them heroes. 



Annual Sponsorship

Be a leader among leaders.

Our annual sponsors are our most generous backers, there to support our biggest events of the year and helping us fulfill our mission.

Annual sponsors are recognized throughout the year, both on our various online platforms and at GK signature events. Your logo will be featured on our homepage and our Who We Are page.

If you would like more information about becoming an annual sponsor, please email Naomi Green.

Signature EventS

The events we most look forward to every year!

Our Signature Events comprise a massive portion of our annual budget that translates into helping hundreds of food service workers who come to us throughout the year for help.

  • Team Hidi is our biggest annual fundraiser and the seedling from which Giving Kitchen grew. Initially a fundraiser to support Ryan Hidinger’s heroic fight against cancer in 2013, over 50 restaurants now come together on this historic night - which provides one-third of our annual funding - to help food service workers in crisis as we remember Ryan.

  • Dining with Gratitude is officially one of the best weeks of the year! Nearly 200 restaurants partner with GK to donate 10 percent of their sales from the week to raise money for and awareness about our services.

  • Sunday Supper at Serenbe is a beautiful evening of wine, tastings and music that’s an experience you won’t soon forget. We like to call this fall event Team Hidi’s country cousin!

  • The Pinky is a one-of-a-kind golf tournament held annually at Heritage Golf Links the Friday before Thanksgiving in honor of Willy Cellucci, who lost his battle with cancer in 2013. The Pinky, like Team Hidi, began as a fundraiser to help him through treatments and has evolved into an epic day to celebrate his life and raise money to help other food service workers.


Who needs Michelin stars when you can have GK stars?

Giving Kitchen’s Five-star Partners program is a "choose your own adventure" for supporting Giving Kitchen. Here's how it works: each opportunity to support Giving Kitchen is a star and the stars add up - the goal is to get to five. We meet with your team and present a complete list of opportunities (such as Pass the Hat, Dining with Gratitude or a partner event) to support our organization and just like that, you're in the Five-star Partners program.

In return, each of our star rating receives its own set of perks, from a decal for your storefront to shout outs in our printed and online collateral, to name a few. 

Proudly display your star-rating decal on your window to show your patrons that you support food service workers. It’s also a constant reminder to your staff that you’re dedicated to not only helping them if they are ever faced with an unexpected crisis, but that you’re there to help their friends working in food service across the state and country.

Get your restaurant on the charts - email Kristie Azaroff to start collecting your stars.

PartNer EventS

From Ramen Fest to Adult Field Day to Negroni Week, there's a GK-serving partner event hosted nearly every week. For a listing of all Giving Kitchen partner events, please see our full events calendar.

If you're interested in supporting Giving Kitchen by hosting a partner event, please complete our Join our Forces form.

Cause Marketing PARTNERSHIPS

Every so often we partner with a company to co-brand a special product, like SweetWater Brewing Company’s Second Helping, the GK Hero Cookie and Imagery wine. We're always interested in hearing a proposal!

Please email Amy Crowell about cause marketing partnerships.

Stability Network partner

If you are an employee or volunteer for a social service or community organization, please consider offering your services to food service workers through Giving Kitchen’s Stability Network program. We'd love to hear from you! Click here to start the conversation.