GK Supper Club

Make your kitchen a Giving Kitchen.

On January 15, 2009, Jen and Ryan Hidinger published a blog post, "What are we doing?," that would change their lives and, unbeknownst to them, the lives of countless others. Prelude to Staplehouse was born, and the rest of the story--both tragic and triumphant--led to the foundation of both the Giving Kitchen and Staplehouse. 

This May, as we celebrate our 5th anniversary, we returned to our supper club roots and ask you to join us.


How It Works

  1. Start your GK Supper Club host page and pledge your support. There will be prizes and awards for creativity and our top three fundraisers.

  2. Plan your party: Hors d'oeuvres, family-style, buffet or formal dinner - they all qualify for the GK Supper Club! (need inspiration for a supper club, Ryan Hidinger's Tartar Recipe from Muss and Turner's can get you started.)

  3. Let everyone know about your GK Supper Club, and get ready for the big day! Our GK Supper Club kit (below) will help you prep.

  4. During your GK Supper Club, let your guests know about who the Giving Kitchen is and what we do, and ask them to support our mission on your CrowdRise GK Supper Club page (or make a check donation). Our video and talking points will make this step a breeze.

  5. Enjoy your supper club, and send everyone home with all the feels about the impact they just made for restaurant workers!

We are grateful that you're inviting people into your home because of your commitment to help restaurant workers, so while we have outlined some options for how to host a GK Supper Club, it's really all up to you.

And if a dinner party is too much stress, don't forget our heart is in the restaurant, as well. Take your friends out to your favorite restaurant, foot the bill and ask them to pay it forward by giving to GK! 


GK Supper Club Kit

Every PeachDish box will include a GK Supper Club kit. You can download and print our kit items below, as well:


Recap: 2018's 5th Anniversary GK Supper Club


The GK Supper Club was originally planned as week-long affair celebrating our 5th anniversary, co-hosted with PeachDish and Creature Comforts. It was so successful (and our supporters so passionate) that we've extended it to a year-long program for those who want to host supper clubs outside of May. Giving Kitchen supporters love cooking, hosting and telling our story... who knew?

2018 Supper Club Raised $25,500! 

Thank you to the 30+ people who hosted a GK Supper Club! 

2018 GK Supper Club  Winners

Funds Raised Winners: 
1st Place: Tim and Christine Mast at $4,250
2nd Place: Sarah Owen and Tammy Built at $3,150
3rd Place: Charlie and Anne Henn at $2,846

Most Creative GK Supper Club:
Sarah Owen and Tammy Built's 70's-themed Disco Party

2018 Table of Honor Hosts:

Richard Bradford
Kerry Brown
Jason + April Dominy
Charlie + Anne Henn
Anita Hsu
Tim + Christine Mast
Leah Melnick
James Miller
Amanda Newsom + Joel Penn
Sierra Nicholson + Ryan Hull
Bryan Schroeder
Phillip Spencer
Greg Smith
Melissa Stripling
Judith Winfrey
Sarah Owen


Presenting Sponsor


MEDIA Sponsor

If you would like to sponsor the GK Supper Club series, please email amy@thegivingkitchen.org