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Todd Mussman

Board Member

“Muss,” as he’s known, is a CIA-trained chef who worked with Fifth Group at Food Studio, South City Kitchen and Sala before opening Muss & Turner’s. You might meet someone as knowledgeable about food, but we seriously doubt you’ll ever meet anyone as passionate. From crawling on his belly in the forest foraging morel mushrooms to breaking down whole hogs and turning them into delectable delights, Todd can do it all in the kitchen.

At Local Three he mans the charcuterie program and heads up special projects and commissary operations all the while guarding the “mothership” Muss & Turner’s. You’ll know Todd is originally from Boston as soon as he opens his mouth. Sorry ladies, Todd is married and lives in Smyrna with his wife and two kids, dogs, and Crown Vic the “Jolly Roger”. In his spare time, he shoots things and cooks (his passion for food is not left at work).

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