Join the GK team!

Volunteers are the backbone of the Giving Kitchen, the silent heroes who spend their extra hours outside of work to make a meaningful impact on the work we’re able to do for restaurant workers. Whether you’ve worked in a restaurant or just want to help people like your favorite servers or chefs, we have a spot waiting for you on our volunteer team.

Types of Volunteer Opportunities

We have a few types of volunteer opportunities outlined below--we would love to have you help on a regular basis or as you’re available for specific volunteer asks:


GK has four signature events each year, plus a whole host of other events that we offer volunteer support for. These events are always fun, and no event is the same! We typically have various volunteer positions available at different times during events, so we can steer you toward the best time slot that will work for you if you need some guidance. Once you’re a volunteer, you can simply head over to our volunteer calendar and sign up for an many or as few opportunities as your heart desires.


Come work in the GK office with our staff, and help us on all kinds of projects. Our day-to-day administrative volunteers help us get more work accomplished quicker so we can focus on the big picture of why we’re all here--to help restaurant workers in need. Our office volunteer opportunities vary from week to week, so if you’re interested in coming in to help, sign up as a volunteer first, then email Adriona Isom at adriona@thegivingkitchen.org so she can get you scheduled in the office.


Get the gang together and make an impact. Email Adriona Isom at adriona@thegivingkitchen.org so she can get you scheduled for a group project!


If your company participates in office volunteer days or special events, we’d love to have you come over to GK for a special project. Depending on the number of volunteers and when you’d like to help, we can present the best volunteer options for your company. We reserve the right to offer corporate service projects for Giving Kitchen sponsors. Please email Kristie Azaroff at kristie@thegivingkitchen.org for more information about corporate volunteering.


Once you’ve signed up as a volunteer, you’ll be added to our volunteer newsletter to hear about opportunities each month and on an as-needed basis. And if you have a special skill you’d like to offer to our volunteer team, let us know! We’re always open to new ideas and new ways to have you contribute to our work.