Support for a food service worker who has lost a member of their immediate family (parent, grandparent, sibling, grandchild or child) or for the family of a deceased food service worker.

Giving Kitchen understands that a food service worker in crisis needs assistance as quickly as possible. To speed up the application process, we’ve compiled a list of financial and crisis incident-related documentation to help you complete your grant application. 

Our goal is to remove as many barriers as possible to receiving emergency assistance while maintaining the integrity of our program and protecting the mission of our organization.

Please do not start organizing your application information until after completing our Assistance Inquiry Form!

Incident documentation:

  • Death certificate

  • Documentation verifying relationship to the deceased

  • Accident report, if applicable

  • Verification of funeral service (for example: funeral program)

Financial documentation:

  • Current pay stub

  • Lease agreement (if work missed)

  • Current utility bill(s): water, gas and electricity (if work missed); if utilities are bundled with lease agreement, please supply documentation

  • Receipts from funeral expenses

  • Receipts from funeral travel expenses

*We verify employment and incident with your employer.
**Employee must be able to show financial need.

Giving Kitchen is a nonprofit organization and is independent from any city, state or federal agency. We will not share your private information, without your permission, ever. We are a professional social service organization, and we treat your private and personal information in a confidential, secure manner that reflects our commitment to client care and best industry practices. 

If a person is potentially dangerous to themselves or someone else, Giving Kitchen is legally required to report that information.