brand support

These guidelines will help you tell Giving Kitchen’s story accurately and consistently.

GK Logo Usage

The primary GK logo comes in two different lockups: center arched and left aligned. Usage of these logos should depend on application and layout. However, the center arched logo should be prioritized when possible.


CLEAR SPACE: Giving Kitchen’s logo should always have ample clear space in all contexts. The diagram below shows the minimum amount of buffer that should surround the primary logo. This margin is represented by the height of letters in “GIVING.”

SCALING: Scaling of the GK logos have no predetermined sizes. Each application should welcome plenty of negative space to give the logos enough breathing room. There is no maximum size for logos, but minimum sizes are 75 px wide for digital applications and 0.4” wide for print applications.

CORRECT LOGO USAGE: The following are examples of correct logo usage. These should similarly apply to the rest of the GK logos. Each example show correct coloring on specific backgrounds and applications. These should similarly apply to the rest of the GK logos.

INCORRECT LOGO USAGE: The following are examples of incorrect logo usage. Please do not change logo colors or proportions, and refer to the correct logo usage section for appropriate background examples. If you are unsure of how to use the GK logo in your marketing efforts, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

GK Terminology

Please use the following language when talking about Giving Kitchen’s mission and work.

About Giving Kitchen: Giving Kitchen (GK) is a nonprofit organization that provides emergency assistance to food service workers through financial support and a network of community resources in order to create a community where crisis is met with compassion and care. Since its inception, GK has served over 3,000 food service workers in Georgia. GK’s shift starts when theirs can’t. For more about Giving Kitchen, visit, follow @givingkitchen and download the GK app (available on iOS and Android).

How to Talk about Giving Kitchen:

  • Always use “Giving Kitchen (GK)” before using only “GK” to refer to the organization.

  • Use GK as a acronym, not TGK.

  • Don’t use “the” in front of Giving Kitchen unless referring to another noun. (i.e. “They walked over to Giving Kitchen to ask for help.” vs. “They walked over to ask the Giving Kitchen team for help.“)

  • GK has two programs: Crisis Grants and Stability Network (formerly SafetyNet). The two types of Crisis Grants available are Direct Grants and Matching Grants. Learn more about our programs and how to talk about them here.

  • GK serves “food service workers,” which includes restaurant, catering, concessions and food truck workers.

  • Staplehouse is GK’s for-profit subsidiary restaurant.

  • GK’s tagline: “Our shift starts when theirs can’t.”

GK Marketing

As Giving Kitchen’s expands to serve more food service workers in more areas of Georgia in 2019, our primary goal is education when supporting the marketing efforts for events benefiting GK. Whether it’s sharing how the outcome of an event will fund a certain number of grants, setting up an outreach table or providing a speaker at the event, our focus will be to help more food service workers in crisis.

Please note that our marketing support commitment for events will be discussed, and commitments made, on a case-by-case basis prior to the event with the GK development team.

Event Marketing

Companies organizing events benefiting GK are responsible for coordinating the event from beginning to end, unless arrangements are made with the GK development team. This includes the sale of tickets, advertising or other marketing efforts that are essential to the success of the event. Please submit press releases, flyers or other marketing materials for review before distribution to give the GK team time to provide edits that best support GK’s messaging.