Among America’s front-line nonprofits, Giving Kitchen offers transparency and accountability to our donors and stakeholders.

Where we get our money, how we use it and the impact those dollars have on our community are critical pieces of information that underscore our organization’s overall value and daily effectiveness.

Financial Overview: Where We Get Our Money

To help ensure its own sustainability, Giving Kitchen has a unique hybrid structure as a nonprofit with a for-profit subsidiary. The for-profit subsidiary is Staplehouse - a casual fine-dining restaurant in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward with Chef Ryan Smith (formerly of Empire State South) at the helm. One hundred percent of Staplehouse’s net profits are channeled back to GK as an ongoing stream of support.

What this means is that Giving Kitchen has four strong sources of support:
• Restaurants and their employees
• Extended food service industry suppliers and distributors
• Individuals and corporations not affiliated with the food service industry
• Staplehouse, a high-profile restaurant owned as a subsidiary

Like most other direct service nonprofits, GK receives charitable contributions through individual donations, private foundations, corporate foundations and giving programs, and signature events and fundraisers.


Current Board of Directors

Financial Responsibility

Key Stats

  • 75% of budget supports program expenses

  • 10% of budget supports administrative expenses

  • 15% of budget supports fundraising and development expenses

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