Pass the Hat

It’s how a kitchen responds to crisis: with small donations added together to make a profound impact on food service workers’ lives.

It’s a bittersweet restaurant tradition, but one we don’t take for granted.   

At Giving Kitchen, Pass the Hat is your chance to give back. Let a food service worker know they aren’t alone, let them know you have their back.

As an individual, choose between a quarterly or annual recurring donation opportunity.

When you sign up for Pass the Hat, you'll get an exclusive hat to rock! Hats must be picked up in person at the GK office (513 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30312) on weekdays from 10am till 4pm or at GK-attended events. If you have questions about picking up your hat, please email us.

Participate as a Company

Join these companies by offering payroll deduction donations to your entire team:

If you have questions about Pass the Hat or would like to set up Pass the Hat employee giving through payroll deductions, please contact Kristie Azaroff.